About Us

the crew


Publisher/Sales Director

California girl, Karen Davis settled in the Santa Ynez Valley in the early 80’s before wanderlust propelled her on a whirlwind journey around the U.S. that eventually landed her in the Florida Keys. Her Valley roots recently beckoned her home and she is now back at the family cottage where good food, good friends and good times all go hand-in-hand.


Publisher/Creative Director

A serial entrepreneur with a short attention span, Pamela Childs morphed into travel magazine publishing over a decade ago after a lively career in marketing and start-ups. She’s now hooked on the menuguide and won’t stop until she discovers all the best local places to eat, drink and party.


Senior Art Director

An award-winning graphic designer and former travel magazine publisher, Marsha Michaels is all about looks. When she isn’t stirring up visual excitement for the menuguide, you’ll probably find her on deck – kicked back in a pair of flip flops with a cold beverage and a fishing rod.


Diva At Large

Former Solvang restaurateur, Peggy Evans has been a colorful fixture in the Santa Ynez Valley for most of her life. If she’s not jetting around the world, she’s hobnobbing in the Valley with some of SYV’s most intriguing personalities and sharing her exclusive party pix in the menuguide’s “Diva Diaries.”


Undercover Paparazzo

Always incognito and ever-so-dashing, you never know where this mysterious shutterfly will show up or who he might shoot. His penchant for fun is well known throughout the Valley and his thumb print on the menuguide’s “Diva Diaries” is unmistakable.


Publicity Hound

Part Jack Russell, part Bassett Hound, Spike is a breed apart and is often referred to as a complete “Jack-Ass.” Abandoned at birth, he he got his start working the Latte Lounge at a local car dealership where he honed his skills as a real chick magnet. His good looks and winning personality quickly catapulted him to “Top Dog” status at the menuguide where he now holds court and frequently mugs for Willie D’s camera.